Yassmin V. Foster

Legs Eleven Sound System

Legs Eleven Sound System, established in 2011, are a trinity of sisters. Mili Red (MC), Princess (DJ) and Xuxu (Selecta/ Operator). These sound women hail from a lineage of North West London sound systems. Fada/ Daddy 90, father and impresario, established ‘JOE 90 High Power’ in the early 80s. Followed closely by the next generation of sound system ‘90s Vigilante’, in the early 90s, and a revival of motivation and inspiration, by his daughters the all-women Legs Eleven Sound System.


Since their inception, they have featured as part of many events, projects, radio, and conferences, including Sound System Outernational, Dubwise Festival: Nottinghill Carnival Weekender ‘Jah 9’ concert – with Thali Lotus (CAYA Sound System), Bounce Culture: Explosion Sound System.